Cooperation Projects

The Faculty has an extensive collaboration with a variety of stakeholders at international, national and local levels.

National cooperation

Internationally, it is particularly different researchers involved in networks and agencies, such as ISO and CEN.
National cooperation is with other educational institutions, government agencies, research funders, foundations and companies.

Collaboration with the region

The most extensive interaction takes place in the nearby region. Examples of interaction is Radio Center Gävle including KTH, Ericsson, Syntronics and Gävle Municipality. Another example is a center for logistics, CLIP, with municipal, regional and company collaboration. Another example is in the energy field in which many different collaborative projects exist or are under construction.
In the division Mathematics and Statistics they run a liaison group with mathematics teachers in the region.

Knowledge at your service

The Faculty has unique laboratory resources in the areas of materials engineering, fluid technology, indoor climate technology, wind tunnel technology and applied psychology. We also have personnel with long experience and high competence. The resources are used in advanced research projects but also in activities outside the university. It may take the form of assignments or cooperative projects.
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