Programme directors

Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development

Undergraduate programmes



Study Programme in Automation Engineering, (Co-op), 180 cr

Niclas Björsell

Pre Undergraduate Study Semester 21 v

Annika Eklund

Study Programme in Building Engineering, 180 cr

Johan Norén

Study Programme in Computer Engineering, 180 cr

Åke Wallin

Study Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management, 180 cr

Stefan Eriksson

Study Programme in Electrical Engineering, 180 cr

Niklas Rothpfeffer

Study Programme in Energy Systems Engineering, (Co-op), 180 cr

Nawzad Mardan

Industrial Design, 180 cr

Ann-Sofie Hartzén

Study Programme in Industrial Management and Logistics, 180 cr

Bo Lennart Andersson

IT Systems Development in Goegraphical Information Systems, 180 cr

Ann-Sofie Östberg

Study Programme in Land Management, 180 cr

Land Surveying, 180 cr

Märit Walfridsson
Ulrika Ågren, bitr

Mechanical Engineering (Co-op), 180 hp

Per Blomqvist

Environmental Engineer, Specialization in Water and Wastewater, (Co-op), 180 cr

Zhao Wang

Environmental Strategist, 180 cr

Karl Hillman

Study Programme in Spatial Planning, 180 cr

Jakob Nobuoka

Technical Pre Undergraduate Study Year -Direction Engineering 40 v

Annika Eklund

Master's level



Master Programme in Decision, Risk and Policy Analysis, 60 cr

Fredrik Bökman

Master Programme in Environmental Psychology, 120 cr

Robert Ljung

Master Programme in Energy Engineering, Energy On-line, 60 cr

Nawzad Mardan

Master Programme in Energy Systems, 60 cr

Nawzad Mardan

Master Programme in Energy Systems, 120 cr

Nawzad Mardan

Master Programme in Geomatics, 60 cr

Bin Jiang

Masteprogram i Geospatial Information Science, 120 cr

Anders Brandt

Master Programme in Management of Logistics and Innovation, 60 cr

Robin von Haartman

Master Programme in Electronics, 120 cr

Edvard Nordlander

Master Programme in Electronics/Automation (online), 60 cr

Edvard Nordlander


Head of subject

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