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Faculty Management

Faculty manager

Gunilla Mårtensson,  gunilla.martensson@hig.se


Department of Building Engineering, Energy Systems and Sustainability Science

Head of department:  Ulf Larsson, ulf.larsson@hig.se
Acting Head of Department: Andreas Haga, andreas.haga@hig.se
Assistant Head of Department: Mathias Cehlin, mathias.cehlin@hig.se
Faculty secretary: Eva Wännström, eva.wannstrom@hig.se

Head of subject:

Building Engineering

Bengt Eriksson

Energy Systems

Nawzad Mardan

Sustainability Science

Karl Hillman

Department of Computer and Geospatial Sciences

Head of department: Jonas Boustedt, jonas.boustedt@hig.se

Head of subject:

Computer Science

Julia Åhlén

Decision, Risk and Policy Analysis

Magnus Hjelmblom

Geography, Geomatics, and Spatial planning

Anders Brandt

Geospatial information science

Stefan Seipel

Land surveying

Jonas Ågren

Department of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Science

Head of department:  Mikael Cronhjort, mikael.cronhjort@hig.se

Head of subject:


Nils Ryrholm

Electronics and Physics

Niclas Björsell


Mikael Björling

Mathematics and Statistics

Johan Björklund


Raymond Edgren

Department of Industrial Management, Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering

Head of department:  Jakob Nobuoka, jakob.nobuoka@hig.se

Head of subject:

Industrial Management

Robin von Haartman

Industrial Design

Lars Löfqvist

Mechanical Engineering

Kourosh Tatar

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