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Damu Murali

Doctoral student, Energy Systems

Email: damu.murali@hig.se
Telephone: +46 26 64 86 25

Damu Murali is a Doctoral student in Energy Systems within the Resilient Competence Center. He holds a master’s degree in Thermal and Fluids from Amrita University, India. In collaboration with MG Sustainable Engineering AB, his research focuses on the development of a novel photovoltaic thermal (PVT) collector. With a keen interest in fluid-structure interaction, Damu is also interested in exploring various computational techniques to understand the fundamentals of fluid flow.


Mathias Cehlin

Joao Gomes

Latest publications

Murali, D., Kumar Raghavan, A. & Kumar Sasidharanpillai, A. (2022). Flow Over Flat and Curved Plates: A Flow Visualization Study. Journal of Aerospace Engineering, 35 (4). 10.1061/(asce)as.1943-5525.0001400 [Mer information]
Murali, D., Suresh, K., C. K., A. & Kumar S., A. (2022). Influence of Slip and Orientation on Entropy Generation Due to Natural Convection in a Square Cavity. ASME Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 145 (3). 10.1115/1.4055943 [Mer information]
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