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Energy saving and preservation in historic monumental buildings

This research project concerns different aspects of energy saving in churches and similar buildings which constitute an important part of our cultural heritage, at the same time as preservation of historical and esthetical values is promoted.

The project has particular focus on:

  1. Air infiltration,
  2. Surface soiling due to particle deposition — effects of air movements and air cleaning,
  3. Airing of the church space,
  4. The thermal environment,
  5. Indoor air movements,
  6. Crawl space ventilation and dampness.
  7. Windows: Low emissivity films, energy and comfort issues

The study involves extensive measurements in real objects in the field, but also includes modelling and experimental laboratory tests.

The study is part of the more comprehensive research program “Spara och bevara” which is supported by the Swedish Energy Agency; more on this can be found at: http://www.sparaochbevara.se/ .

Researchers: Professor Mats Sandberg (leader of the project), Dr. Magnus Mattsson, Dr. Abolfazl Hayati, Dr. Hans Wigö, Ms Elisabet Linden.

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