Industrial Digitalization

Digitalization in the industry requires competence and creates questions that often cannot be met and answered within one academic discipline. It is therefore necessary with an interdisciplinary approach in order to meet the need that digitalization creates in the industry in terms of research collaborations and technical competence.

At ATM we have today extensive research, education, and industry collaboration that in different ways concern industrial digitalization. We have therefore created a research program in industrial digitalization in order to cooperate the activities that we have today and – in particular – to initiate new interdisciplinary research in collaboration with industry.


The subject groups in which we today have the most extensive activities in industrial digitalization mare electrical engineering, industrial engineering and management, and computer science. Our research covers many aspects of industrial digitalization; in electrical engineering for example sensor related signal processing, nonlinear systems, and digital twins; in industrial engineering and management sociotechnical systems, supply change management, and lean; in computer science geospatial analysis and two- and three dimensional image processing.

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Industrial Engineering and Management

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