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Life cycle Management System


LMS is the result of three consecutive EU-research projects, Wood-Assess, MM-Wood, and Lifecon. Simply summarised LMS may be described as a knowledge system and a generic structure on which IT/GIS-based systems for life cycle management of buildings and infrastructures can be programmed and adapted to the needs of different client. The system builds on and includes the latest findings from research on materials, products, and systems, and is based on international standards for service life planning, LCA, and LCC. LMS is predictive and stores and handle data on single objects as well as groups of objects for the service life periods. The predictive asset enables calculation of future repair and maintenance needs, i.e. type and time of remedial measures. To do this LMS utilises different types of degradation models that relate to the different materials, products, and components, and the degradation environment. LMS is modular built-up, and each of the modules may be adapted and integrated with an existing facility management system possessed by a client. The R&D on LMS resulted 2009 in a doctoral thesis (Daniel Hallberg). Continued R&D is expected to primarily address adaptations of LMS to various needs.

Contact: Dr. Jan Akander


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