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Renewable energy for buildings

During spring 2008 the EU-project “Endohousing" was concluded and reported. The Project consortium included 13 partners from 8 countries. The project was financed by EU FP5 DG TREN. Endohousing developed a endoenergy system consisting of solar energy collecting integrated roofs, heat pump, and energy storage. The project included five test houses over Europe of which the most northern is situated in Sandviken. Continued R&D on this test house with performance over time measurements and analyses of the energy system will continue to the end of 2011. The research is financed by Region Gävleborg, and is carried out together with market stakeholders. Additional applications to EU FP7 are planned. Representatives of the Materials Technology group are together with an international grouping holding the patents developed through the Endohousing project

Contact: Dr. Jan Akander, Lic. Thomas Carlsson

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