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Urban Studio

Urban studio is an interdisciplinary research program on urban sustainability at University of Gävle.

Urban Studio develops new research frontiers with the vision to contribute to three interconnected goals: 1) ensuring people’s health and well-being; 2) limited environmental impacts of cities; and 3) resilient urban systems. The starting point of the research is the interplay between the built environment, the natural environment and human behaviour in cities.

Symposium: Nested scales of urban form and green urban infrastructure

Welcome to the third Symposium on Social-Ecological Urbanism: Nested scales of urban form and green urban infrastructure.

Date: December 8 2022
Time: 9.00-16.30
Location: Gävle konserthus, Bo Linde-room

Researchers: Other countries can learn from Sweden in tackling social distance

2020-04-27 In two reports, Google show that when we are practicing social distancing, contact with nature becomes more important for people’s well-being, This is in line with previous research at the University of Gävle.

Healthier ecosystems provide greater health benefits

2020-04-07 “Our research shows that for people with a deep relationship with nature, an ecologically rich ecosystem provides healing and restorative benefits in a much stronger way“, says Matteo Giusti, environmental researcher at the University of Gävle.

Millions to business research school for research on sustainable cities

2019-12-18 The University of Gävle has together with Dalarna University and Mälardalen University been awarded 25.9 SEK million by the Knowledge Foundation to establish the business research school “Future-Proof Cities” focused on sustainable urban development.

Urban Studio’s message to the UN: “We need to protect our cities”

2019-12-03 “We are heading in the wrong direction and need to make our cities resilient to the natural disasters that climate change will generate. It is our responsibility to protect the people who live in cities,” says Stephan Barthel, director of the Urban Studio at the University of Gävle.

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