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Urban Studio’s interdisciplinary research programmes collaborate with different actors both within and outside the university.

Future Position X

Urban Studio collaborates with Future Position X (FPX), which is an innovation centre that works for health and well-being in smart, sustainable and viable cities, by developing data-driven societal solutions.

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Forskarskolan Future-Proof Cities

Urban Studio works with the research school Future Proof Cities, which focuses on sustainable urban development and creates a public dialogue around the challenges that mid-sized Swedish cities face.

Urban Studio samarbetar med företagsforskarskolan Future-Proof cities som har fokus på hållbar stadsutveckling och bygger på en samhällsdialog om de utmaningar medelstora svenska städer står inför.

Read more about Read more about Future Proof Cities (in Swedish)

Smart sustainable cities and communities

Urban Studio collaborates with Region Gävleborg through the regional focus area Smart and sustainable cities and communities. It is one of the four areas that the Gävleborg Region has designated as promising for growth, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Below is the list of earlier and current collaborative partners:

  • Beijer
  • Stockholm Resilience Centre
  • European Regional Development Fund
  • Interreg Central Baltic
  • SMHI
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