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Research presentation

Mikael Björling

Mikael Björling är docent i kemi vid ATM.

Research presentation

Mikael Björling

Accociate Professor in Physical Chemistry
Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

Research subject: Chemistry
Research domain: Environmental engineering

Mikael Björling belongs to the research group environmental technology and is interested in, among other things, air quality. Mikael also conducts research in subject didactics and learning of natural sciences.


Right now, Mikael Björling is involved in a research project on ventilation and conservation in collaboration with the University of Oslo prior to the remodeling of the Viking Museum in Oslo and a project on ventilation in schools in New Zealand in collaboration with the University of Auckland. Mikael is also the lead supervisor for Dan Wahlborg, who researches the release of allergens from birch pollen.


Scholarly articles, refereed

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