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Research presentation

Magnus Hjelmblom

Research presentation

Magnus Hjelmblom

PhD in Computer and Systems Sciences. Senior Lecturer, Decision, Risk and Policy Analysis group.

Research subject: Decision, Risk and Policy Analysis

Magnus Hjelmblom is a senior lecturer in Computer Science but is part of the Decision, Risk and Policy Analysis (DRP) group. His research interests mainly revolve around norm regulation of agent systems, a topic that lies in the boundary between DRP and Computer Science. In his dissertation, Norm-Regulation of Agent Systems: Instrumentalizing an algebraic approach to agent system norms, Magnus Hjelmblom has developed a general programming framework for normative systems. Another of his areas of interest is analysis and development of decision support systems.


I am part of the research group in Decision, Risk and Policy Analysis (DRP) at the University of Gävle. I am among other things interested in norm-regulation of agent systems, an area which borders both DRP and Computer Science. Another area of interest is decision support systems.


PhD in Computer and Systems Sciences
Stockholm university, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, 2015

Master (one-year) of Computer Science
Uppsala university, 2007

Master of Education for Upper Secondary High School
Uppsala universitet, 2000

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