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Research presentation

Abolfazl Hayati

Abolfazl Hayati är teknologie doktor i energisystem. Doktor vid HiG sen 2017. Arbetar som biträdande lektor vid Akademin för teknik och miljö.

Research presentation

Abolfazl Hayati

Senior lecturer

Research subject: Energy systems

Abolfazl Hayati has PhD in Energy system and indoor environment (2017) from University of Gävle (HiG). He has MSc in Energy system (2012) from HiG and BSc in Mechanical Engineering (2009) from Tehran Polytechnic.

Dr Abolfazl Hayati has been involved in research at University of Gävle both during the PhD studies as a part of ”Spara och bevara” (Save and preserve) project (Dnr 2011-002440) assigned by Swedish Energy Agency, and after graduation as assistant professor. His research is about district heating and cooling systems, building energy systems, energy efficiency, indoor climate, environmental assessment of buildings, natural ventilation, city ventilation and solar energy. The investigations include measurements (in laboratory, field and wind tunnel), analytical modelling and numerical simulations using IDA Indoor Climate and Energy (IDA-ICE) and CFD simulation with ANSYS Fluent.

As senior lecturer, Abolfazl has been course responsible and lecturer for a number of courses at Energy system study programs at University of Gävle, and has been involved in supervising Master and Bachelor students (Link to the supervised thesis) and co-supervising PhD students since 2017.


Swedish Energy Agency Termo program (Diary number: 2019-003410) “District cooling vs. local solutions for space cooling” research project about heating and cooling for the future energy systems. The project is also presented in IEA EBC Annex 80 “Resilient Cooling of Buildings”.

Swedish Energy Agency E2B2 program (Diary number: 2018-016216) “Environmental requirements, Energy Use and Climate Impact – a Study of Relations and Possibilities” research project about energy-efficient building and living.

STINT-China project (Diary number: CH2017-7271) “Impacts of urban-built layouts on urban ventilation and building natural ventilation under unsteady atmospheric conditions” in collaboration with researchers from Sun Yat-Sen University P.R. China and the University of Hong Kong.

Erasmus+ Program Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships “PowerUp MyHouse” (Agreement number: 2020-1-TR01-KA202-093467) “Development of innovative learning and practice modules to increase the usage of renewable energies for sustainable buildings” in collaboration with other universities from EU and Turkey.


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