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Research presentation

Alan Kabanshi

Alan Kabanshi är teknologie doktor i energisystem. Doktor vid HiG 2017. Arbetar vid Akademin för teknik och miljö. Forskar kring ventilation.

Research presentation

Alan Kabanshi

Senior lecturer, docent

Research subject: Energy systems

Alan Kabanshi is an associate professor of energy systems at the department of building engineering, energy systems and sustainability science. His research is centers around energy in the built environment and currently focuses on resource-efficient ventilation processes in building energy efficiency. Rudimentary, the goal has been to explore alternative air distribution and ventilation strategies that promote thermal comfort, good air quality and occupant health at a reduced energy use. Kabanshi also conducts research on cognitive psychology of climate change, occupant energy related behavior, energy efficiency and sustainable built environments. He has a strong national and international network and visibility as well as a very good record of scientific collaboration and publication. He is the 2020 recipient of the Royal Skyttean Society prize for younger researcher at the University of Gävle.


  • Entrainment and jet development in the initial and transition regions
  • Airborne infection transmission in buildings
  • Cognitive psychology of climate change
  • Occupant related behavior in buildings
  • Ventilation and air distribution strategies


Doctoral thesis

Kabanshi, A. (2017). Experimental study of an intermittent ventilation system in high occupancy spaces. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2017. Gävle: Gävle University Press. 74 p. (Studies in the Research Profile Built Environment. Doctoral thesis 3) External link [More information]
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