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Research presentation

Magnus Mattsson

Research presentation

Magnus Mattsson

Senior lecturer, PhD

Research subject: Energy systems
Research domain: Indoor environment

My research mainly concerns air quality, ventilation, indoor climate and building energy. The studies commonly involve the processes of spreading of gaseous and particulate contaminants, and finding efficient methods in improving the indoor air quality. The focus is often on human health, comfort and performance, but a great interest also lies in the area of building energy and its connection with thermal comfort and building preservation.

The research is performed both in laboratory and in the field, and, when applicable, involves human subjects.


  • Energy saving and preservation in historical buildings: ventilation, climate control and surface soiling. Special project on churches: Energy saving in churches
  • Local exhaust ventilation – measuring pollutant capture efficiency and effects of room air turbulence.
  • Airborne pollen allergens – size distribution and transportation into indoor air.
  • Ventilation for decreased particle and allergen exposure in classrooms.
  • Energy savings and aesthetic aspects of low emissivity films on windows of historical buildings.
  • Wind induced ventilation in high-rise buildings in cities.
  • Moisture status and preservation of world heritage Decorated farm houses of Hälsingland


Scholarly articles, refereed

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Wahlborg, D., Björling, M. & Mattsson, M. (2021). Evaluation of field calibration methods and performance of AQMesh, a low-cost air quality monitor.. Environmental Monitoring & Assessment, 193 (5). 10.1007/s10661-021-09033-x [More information]
Moghaddam, S., Mattsson, M., Ameen, A., Akander, J., Gameiro Da Silva, M. & Simoes, N. (2021). Low‐Emissivity Window Films as an Energy Retrofit Option for a Historical Stone Building in Cold Climate. Energies, 14 (22). 10.3390/en14227584 [More information]
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