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Research presentation

Bin Jiang

Professor Bin Jiang forskar bland annat om hur städer kan byggas både hållbarare och med högre skönhetsvärde.

Research presentation

Bin Jiang

Professor, PhD in geographic information systems, M.Sc. in remote sensing and computer cartography, B.Sc. in cartography

Research subject: Geography
Research domain: Geospatial information sciences

Bin Jiang is an independent-minded researcher, and have pioneered a series of novel concepts, methods and tools not only for better understanding urban structure and dynamics, but also for making and remaking the built environment towards sustainability.




Teaching is another most enjoyable thing in my life. It is not a simple task of conveying what you know to the students, but rather engaging them in the teaching or learning processes. Teaching is to motivate the students to develop their interest and passion in what they learn, and to have independent thinking and creative work. It becomes enjoyable while interacting, communicating and discussing with the students about the subjects they learn, or about human knowledge and discovery in more general. Human knowledge is not just accumulative but cooperative as well, so teaching to some extent is a cooperative undertaking. The following is a list of courses I have taught in the past.

MSc and PhD courses

  • Spatial Analysis and Modelling
  • GIScience Seminar
  • GIS projects
  • Time GIS

BSc courses

  • Geoinformation for urban and regional studies
  • Cartographic visualization (student project sample)
  • Spatial analysis
  • Introduction to spatial databases
  • Operational procedure of GIS
  • Spatial algorithms in GIS
  • GIS applications
  • GIS organization
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