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Research presentation

Jonas Boustedt

Research presentation

Jonas Boustedt

Senior lecturer, Head of department

Research subject: Computer Science
Research domain: Geospatial Information Science

Email: jonas.boustedt@hig.se
Telephone: +46 26 64 87 72
Mobile phone: +46 70 191 45 25
Room: 11:418

I am an electronics and computer engineer, computer scientist, teacher and researcher. I have been employed at the University of Gävle since 1998 and in 2010 I got my PhD in Computer Science with specialization in computer science education.


My research focuses on learning and teaching in Computer Science, mainly in programming and software development. Among other things, I am interested in how students perceive and master key concepts, threshold concepts and design processes. Another area is the phenomenon of "learning on your own" (Self-directed learning) which is common in knowledge formation in computer science. I am an active member of "Sweden Group", an international research team with members from Sweden, England and the USA.


Doctoral thesis

Boustedt, J. (2010). On the Road to a Software Profession : Students' Experiences of Concepts and Thresholds. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2010. Uppsala: Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis. 61 p. (Digital Comprehensive Summaries of Uppsala Dissertations from the Faculty of Science and Technology 734) External link [More information]

Book chapters

Thomas, L., Boustedt, J., Eckerdal, A., McCartney, R., Moström, J., Sanders, K. & Zander, C. (2010). Threshold concepts in computer science : an ongoing empirical investigation. Threshold concepts and transformational learning. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers. P. 241-258. External link [More information]
Zander, C., Boustedt, J., Eckerdal, A., McCartney, R., Moström, J., Ratcliffe, M. & Sanders, K. (2008). Threshold concepts in computer science : a multi-national empirical investigation. Threshold concepts within the disciplines. Rotterdam: Sense. P. 105-118. External link [More information]

Licentiate thesis

Boustedt, J. (2007). Students working with a large software system : experiences and understandings. Lic.-avh. , 2007. Uppsala: Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University. 152 s. (IT Licentiate Theses / Uppsala university, Department of Information Technology 2007-002) External link [More information]
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