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Research presentation

Niklas Humble

Research presentation

Niklas Humble

Senior lecturer

Research subject: Computer Science

Niklas Humble is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at the Department of Computer and Geospatial Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development (ATM), at University of Gävle.

Niklas is the Programme Co-ordinator for the Research Programme Digitalisation, Technologies, Media and Learning (DTML). Read more abouth DTML.

Niklas got his PhD in Computer and System Science from Mid Sweden University with the thesis “Programming in grade 7-9: Action possibilities and constraints from the perspective of mathematics and technology teachers”. Research interests include programming education, game-based learning, design science, learning analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Niklas is currently involved in the project SPEDAT (Spel för datalogiskt tänkande [Games for Computational Thinking]) at Mid Sweden University where the goal is to develop a digital game on computer programming that should support students in learning the basics of programming.



Scholarly articles, refereed

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Other articles (popular science, debate etc.)

Humble, N., Sällvin, L. & Mozelius, P. (2019). Programmering i matte och teknik. Pedagogiska Magasinet (20-nov). External link [More information]
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