Research presentation

S Anders Brandt

Research presentation

S Anders Brandt

Docent (eq. to associate professor [U.S] / reader [U.K]) in geospatial information science
Senior lecturer in geomatics
PhD in physical geography

Research subject: Geography
Research domain: Geospatial information sciences

You can read more about my research at my personal home page.





  • Uncertainties related to flood risk mapping
  • Involved in the project "Big data methodology for an experience-based and cognitively sustainable urban growth". My part involves creating ecosystem services maps and using spatial MCDA methods.



Articles and theses published prior to employment at University of Gävle

Brandt, S.A. (2000). A review of reservoir desiltation. International Journal of Sediment Research, 15(3), 321–342.

Brandt, S.A. (2000). Classification of geomorphological effects downstream of dams. Catena, 40(4), 375–401. doi:10.1016/S0341-8162(00)00093-X

Brandt, S.A. (2000). Prediction of downstream geomorphological changes after dam construction: a stream power approach. International Journal of Water Resources Development, 16(3), 343–367. doi:10.1080/713672510

Brandt, S.A., & Swenning, J. (1999). Sedimentological and geomorphological effects of reservoir flushing: the Cachí Reservoir, Costa Rica, 1996. Geografiska Annaler, 81A(3), 391–407. doi:10.1111/j.0435-3676.1999.00069.x

Brandt, S.A. (1998). Reservoir Desiltation by Means of Hydraulic Flushing: Sedimentological and Geomorphological Effects in Reservoirs and Downstream Reaches As Illustrated by the Cachí Reservoir and the Reventazón River, Costa Rica (Ph.D. thesis). Institute of Geography, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen. Published in 1999 in Geographica Hafniensia A8.

Brandt, A., Strömbäck, N., & Swenning, J. (1995). Downstream Sedimentological Effects of the 1993 Flushing of the Cachí Reservoir, Costa Rica (M.Sc. Thesis). Institute of Earth Science, Uppsala University, Uppsala.


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