Research presentation

S Anders Brandt

Research presentation

S Anders Brandt

Docent (eq. to associate professor [U.S] / reader [U.K]) in geospatial information science
Senior lecturer in geomatics
PhD in physical geography

Research subject: Geography
Research domain: Geospatial information sciences

You can read more about my research at my personal home page.





  • Uncertainties related to flood risk mapping
  • Involved in the project "Big data methodology for an experience-based and cognitively sustainable urban growth". My part involves creating ecosystem services maps and using spatial MCDA methods.



Articles published prior to employment at University of Gävle

Brandt, S.A. (2000). A review of reservoir desiltation. International Journal of Sediment Research, 15(3), 321–342.

Brandt, S.A. (2000). Classification of geomorphological effects downstream of dams. Catena, 40(4), 375–401. doi:10.1016/S0341-8162(00)00093-X

Brandt, S.A. (2000). Prediction of downstream geomorphological changes after dam construction: a stream power approach. International Journal of Water Resources Development, 16(3), 343–367. doi:10.1080/713672510

Brandt, S.A., & Swenning, J. (1999). Sedimentological and geomorphological effects of reservoir flushing: the Cachí Reservoir, Costa Rica, 1996. Geografiska Annaler, 81A(3), 391–407. doi:10.1111/j.0435-3676.1999.00069.x


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