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Research presentation

Lars Bengtsson

Lars Bengtsson, Prorektor, professor, Avdelningen för industriell utveckling, IT och samhällsbyggnad

Research presentation

Lars Bengtsson

Professor of industrial engineering and management, pro-vice-chancellor

Research subject: Industrial engineering and management

My research field concerns production strategies, innovation management and work organisation in industrial companies.


  • Open innovation survey, OIS
  • Certification of user oriented computer systems
  • Design of global supply chains in Swedish firms (Dogs)
  • Logistics and Innovative production, CLIP
  • Knowledge Integration and Innovation in Transnational Enterprise
  • Continuous Innovation Survey, CINet
  • International Purchasing Survey
  • European manufacturing survey, EMS


Scholarly articles, refereed

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Scholarly articles, non-refereed

Bengtsson, L., Berggren, C. & Solmaz Karabag, F. (2018). Innovativa konkurrenter från tillväxtekonomier : vad gör svenska företag?. MGMT of Innovation and Technology, 1, 10-11. External link [More information]
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