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Research presentation

Åsa Gren

Åsa Gren, lektor i miljövetenskap.

Research presentation

Åsa Gren

Senior lecturer

Research subject: Environmental Science


In light of a) human health and well-being being correlated to the availability of and accessibility to ecosystems and their services.; b) the majority of humans living in urban areas; c) the negative trends of physical and mental health of people living in cities; d) the increasing pressure on urban ecosystems, through increased land use competition; and e) unequal access to ecosystem services and benefits, I , in my current research, focus on the overall challenge of how to create fair, healthy, sustainable and resilient cities for everyone in an urban planning and design context.

In my research, more specifically, this comprise operationalizing the theoretical framework of Social Ecological Urbanism (SEU) – a framework applying institutions and urban form as tools for governing urban processes. One example entails applying SEU to improve our understanding of the relationship between accessibility to health related CES in a socio-economic context and what role urban densification and property rights play in this dynamic relationship.


  • Publications


Scholarly articles, refereed

Egegård, C., Lindborg, M., Gren, Å., Marcus, L., Pont, M. & Colding, J. (2024). Climate Proofing Cities by Navigating Nature-Based Solutions in a Multi-Scale, Social–Ecological Urban Planning Context: A Case Study of Flood Protection in the City of Gothenburg, Sweden. Land, 13 (2). 10.3390/land13020143 [More information]
Berghauser Pont, M., Barthel, S., Colding, J., Gren, Å., Legeby, A. & Marcus, L. (2022). Editorial: Social-ecological urbanism: Developing discourse, institutions and urban form for the design of resilient social-ecological systems in cities. Frontiers in Built Environment, 8. 10.3389/fbuil.2022.982681 [More information]
Colding, J., Samuelsson, K., Marcus, L., Gren, Å., Legeby, A., Berghauser Pont, M. & Barthel, S. (2022). Frontiers in Social–Ecological Urbanism. Land, 11 (6). 10.3390/land11060929 [More information]
Causevic, A., LoCastro, M., David, D., Selvakkumaran, S. & Gren, Å. (2021). Financing resilience efforts to confront future urban and sea-level rise flooding : Are coastal megacities in Association of Southeast Asian Nations doing enough?. Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, 48 (5), 989-1010. 10.1177/2399808321994437 [More information]
Colding, J., Gren, Å. & Barthel, S. (2020). The Incremental Demise of Urban Green Spaces. Land, 9 (5). 10.3390/land9050162 [More information]
Engström, G., Gren, Å., Li, C. & Krishnamurthy, C. (2020). Valuing biodiversity and resilience : an application to pollinator diversity in the Stockholm region. Spatial Economic Analysis, 15 (3), 238-261. 10.1080/17421772.2020.1784988 [More information]
Gren, Å., Colding, J., Berghauser-Pont, M. & Marcus, L. (2019). How smart is smart growth? : Examining the environmental validation behind city compaction. Ambio, 48 (6), 580-589. 10.1007/s13280-018-1087-y [More information]
Gren, Å. & Andersson, E. (2018). Being efficient and green by rethinking the urban-rural divide-Combining urban expansion and food production by integrating an ecosystem service perspective into urban planning. Sustainable cities and society, 40, 75-82. 10.1016/j.scs.2018.02.031 [More information]
Lindborg, R., Gordon, L., Malinga, R., Bengtsson, J., Peterson, G., Bommarco, R., Deutsch, L., Gren, Å., Rundlöf, M. & Smith, H. (2017). How spatial scale shapes the generation and management of multiple ecosystem services. Ecosphere, 8 (4). 10.1002/ecs2.1741 [More information]
Noring, M., Hasselström, L., Håkansson, C., Soutukorva, Å. & Gren, Å. (2016). Valuation of oil spill risk reductions in the Arctic : <em></em>. Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy, 5 (3), 298-317. 10.1080/21606544.2016.1155499 [More information]
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Other articles (popular science, debate etc.)

Barthel, S., Berghauser-Pont, M., Colding, J., Gren, Å., Legeby, A. & Marcus, L. (2016). Miljonprogram - unik chans att lösa flera frågor. Dagens Nyheter. [More information]
Barthel, S., Berghauser-Pont, M., Colding, J., Gren, Å., Legeby, A. & Marcus, L. (2016). Nytt miljonprogram - unik chans att lösa flera frågor. Dagens Nyheter (25-apr). [More information]

Conference papers

Marcus, L., Berghauser Pont, M. & Gren, Å. (2013). Can spatial form support urban ecosystem services : representing patches and connectivity zones for bees using space syntax mehodology. Proceeding - 9th international space syntax symposium: Sejong University Press. [More information]


Colding, J., Marcus, L., Barthel, S., Andersson, E., Gren, Å. & Borgström, S. (2013). Ekosystemtjänster i Stockholmsregionen : Ett underlag för diskussion och planering. Tillväxt, miljö och regionplanering (TMR). 75 p. (Tillväxt, miljö och regionplanering 2013:3) External link [More information]
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