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Research presentation

Patrik Sörqvist

Research presentation

Patrik Sörqvist


Research subject: Environmental Science

I am an experimental psychologist and research director of environmental psychology at the University of Gävle. My research concerns mostly cognitive perspectives on the psychology of the built and natural environment. Most recently, I've been interested in the cognitive psychology of climatic change.


A new perspective on working memory and its relation to attention and learning

Financially supported by a grant from the Swedish Research Council (2,250,000 SEK) awarded to Patrik Sörqvist (Co-PI: Marsh).


Current research project:

  • The interplay of physiological and cognitive mechanisms of hearing (supported by RJ)
  • The relation between working memory capacity and basic learning processes (supported by VR)
  • Room acoustics, speech intelligibility and learning in classroom settings (supported by FORMAS)
  • Consumer behavior in the context of environmental psychology (e.g., factors influencing purchase of eco-friendly products)

Editorial responsibilities:

Specialty Chief Editor of Environmental Psychology, subsection of Frontiers in Psychology

Current Ph.D. students:

  • Anders Hurtig
  • Mattias Holmgren
  • Douglas MacCutcheon
  • Hanna Andersson

Ph.D. students who have graduated under my supervision:

  • Alan Kabanshi
  • Niklas Halin
  • Anatole Nöstl
  • Andreas Haga
  • Marijke Keus
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