Resource management

Resource management is a thematic area of research in Environmental Science. Here you can read more about ongoing projects and find the researchers and PhD students who are working in this area.

A circular economy places demands on how we humans consume and recycle. It is therefore important to create the conditions for new business models. For example, in a circular economy, it is common to sell services instead of products. When it comes to products, they should be designed so that it is clear what they contain. There should also be a plan for how the content will be reused.

National work on a circular economy focuses on sustainable production and product design, sustainable ways to consume and use materials, products and services, non-toxic and circular cycles and the circular economy as a driving force for commerce and other stakeholders by means of measures that promote innovation and circular business models. The transition to a circular economy must be implemented jointly by policymakers, the private sector, the public sector, academia, private individuals and civil society.

Ongoing research projects

BIOVÄX Gävleborg


GENIUS is a facilitation platform to promote industrial and urban symbiosis in the Gävleborg region by bringing together companies, the public sector and research to develop more effective and environmentally friendly solutions through networks, education and facilitation.

Increased circularity

In the project “Increased circularity”, which is being run by Gävle Municipality, conditions and opportunities for increased circularity and reuse of objects, clothing and building materials in Gävle are being analysed in a preliminary study. The objective is to create a circular system in the form of one or more recycling centres. The preliminary study is being carried out as a collaboration between Gävle Municipality, waste recyclers Gästrike Återvinnare and Environmental Science at the University of Gävle.

PhD projects

For current PhD students’ projects, see the respective PhD students’ presentations.

Tidigare forskningsprojekt
  • Hållbar avfallshantering (2006-2012)
    Hållbar Avfallshantering är ett tvärvetenskapligt forsknings-program, som under åren 2006-2013 forskade kring vilka styrmedel och strategiska beslut som kan bidra till att utveckla avfallshanteringen i en mer hållbar riktning.
  • Sustainable Waste Management (2006-2012)
    Sustainable Waste Management was an interdisciplinary research programme during the period 2006-2013 that conducted research on which policy instruments and strategic decisions could contribute to the development of waste management in a more sustainable direction.
  • Biogas in the Gästrike region (2009)
    Link to publication in DiVA
  • Regional waste planning (2009)
    Link to publication in DiVA
  • Climate impact in the recycling sector (2014-2015)
    Link to publication in DiVA
  • Horse power and horse nutrients (2015)
    Link to publication in DiVA
  • Crea-RE (2018-2020)
    The aim of the project was to produce a knowledge database on resource efficiency and the circular economy so as to create new teaching materials for relevant educational programmes at four higher education institutions and other stakeholders in the sector.
  • Sustainable Value Creation through Circular Business Models
    The aim of the project was to create the conditions for more sustainable commercial activities by arousing interest, supporting and encouraging business models in a more circular direction.
  • Rutbeck (2019-2021)
    The project looked at how regions in Sweden could prepare for the transition to a circular economy.

Researchers and PhD students working in this field

Foto taget på biogasanläggningen i Forsbacka 190117.Från vänster i bild: Komalsingh Rambaree (HiG), Sandra Wright (HiG), Agneta Sundström (HiG) och Zhao Wang (HiG).

Zhao Wang
Senior Lecturer

Åsa Gren
Daniele Silvestro

Ola Eriksson


Zhao Wang

Senior Lecturer

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