Åsa Hadin

Present work at the University of Gävle:

As a PhD-student in Energy systems I study incentives and barriers for using horse manure as a renewable energy resource in biogas production. The project links views of efficient use of resources and natural cycles-thinking with the aim to reduce environmental impact and increase the use of renewable energy according to existing environmental- and energy objectives. Other activities at work are to arrange meetings and educations for the university of Gävle´s environmental internal auditors and other employees as a part of the university´s environmental management system.

Previous activities at the University of Gävle:

Previous activities are connected to my work as a teacher in Industrial economics. Courses held for students in the University of Gävle, and sometimes external interested parties, were the main activities. Content in courses were cleaner production, waste management, sewage water treatment, air pollution reduction, environmental legislation, environmental management and environmental auditing. In the implementation of the environmental management system at the University of Gävle and in the maintenance of the environmental management system I was part of the project group, worked as an environmental auditor and as an audit leader, as responsible for the environmental system (2006-2007) and with environmental education as a part of the environmental management system.

Latest publications

Hadin, Å., Hillman, K. & Eriksson, O. (2017). Prospects for Increased Energy Recovery from Horse Manure : A Case Study of Management Practices, Environmental Impact and Costs. Energies, 10 (12). 10.3390/en10121935 [Mer information]
Hadin, Å., Eriksson, O. & Hillman, K. (2016). A review of potential critical factors in horse keeping for anaerobic digestion of horse manure. Renewable & sustainable energy reviews, 65, 432-442. 10.1016/j.rser.2016.06.058 [Mer information]
Hadin, Å. & Eriksson, O. (2016). Horse manure as feedstock for anaerobic digestion. Waste Management, 65, 506-518. 10.1016/j.wasman.2016.06.023 [Mer information]
Hadin, Å. (2018). From waste problem to renewable energy resource : exploring horse manure as feedstock for anaerobic digestion. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2018. Gävle: Gävle University Press. 74 s. (Studies in the Research Profile Built Environment. Doctoral thesis 8) Länk [Mer information]
Hadin, Å. (2016). Anaerobic digestion of horse manure : renewable energy and plant nutrients in a systems perspective. Lic.-avh. (sammanfattning), 2016. Gävle: Gävle University Press. 40 s. (Studies in the Research Profile Built Environment. Licentiate thesis 2) Länk [Mer information]
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