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Jonas Boustedt

Computer Science


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I am an electronics and computer engineer, computer scientist, teacher and researcher. I have been employed at the University of Gävle since 1998 and in 2010 I got my PhD in Computer Science with specialization in computer science education.


My research focuses on learning and teaching in Computer Science, mainly in programming and software development. Among other things, I am interested in how students perceive and master key concepts, threshold concepts and design processes. Another area is the phenomenon of "learning on your own" (Self-directed learning) which is common in knowledge formation in computer science. I am an active member of "Sweden Group", an international research team with members from Sweden, England and the USA.

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Latest publications

Thomas, L., Boustedt, J., Eckerdal, A., McCartney, R., Moström, J., Sanders, K. & Zander, C. (2017). In the liminal space : software design as a threshold skill. Practice and Evidence of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 12 (2), 333-351. Link [More information]
McCartney, R., Boustedt, J., Eckerdal, A., Sanders, K., Thomas, L. & Zander, C. (2016). Why computing students learn on their own : motivation for self-directed learning of computing. ACM Transactions on Computing Education, 16 (1), 2:1-2:18. 10.1145/2747008 [More information]
Viirman, O., Pettersson, I., Björklund, J. & Boustedt, J. (2018). Programming in mathematics teacher education : A collaborative teaching approach. . S. 464-465. [More information]
McCartney, R., Boustedt, J., Eckerdal, A., Sanders, K. & Zander, C. (2017). Folk pedagogy and the geek gene : geekiness quotient. Proceedings of the 2017 ACM SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education. NY, USA: ACM Digital Library. S. 405-410. 10.1145/3017680.3017746 [More information]
Sanders, K., Boustedt, J., Eckerdal, A., McCartney, R. & Zander, C. (2017). Folk Pedagogy: Nobody Doesn't Like Active Learning. Proceedings of the 2017 ACM Conference on International Computing Education Research (ICER 17). Tacoma, Washington, USA: ACM Publications. S. 145-154. 10.1145/3105726.3106192 [More information]
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