Kaisu Sammalisto

Kaisu Sammalisto


E-mail: kaisu.sammalisto@hig.se

Operator: +46 26 64 85 00,
Direct: +46 26 64 87 94
Mobile: +46 70 608 13 33

PhD, Industrial environmental economics, Lund University; MSc Engineering, Åbo Akademi University; MBA Uppsala University

I am engaged in research in the Center for Logistics and Innovative Production (CLIP) where I study implementation of sustainable development in two different projects.

In one of them we explore how international companies and their suppliers face social and environmental sustainability challenges and take global responsibility by for example CSR in their supply chains.

In the other project we develop knowledge of management systems and their role in implementation of education for sustainable development (ESD) in universities.

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Recent publications

Carpenter, A., Lozano, R., Sammalisto, K. & Astner, L. (2018). Securing a port's future through Circular Economy : Experiences from the Port of Gävle in contributing to sustainability. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 128, 539-547. 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2018.01.065 [More information]
von Haartman, R., Sammalisto, K., Lozano, R. & Blomqvist, P. (2017). A Longitudinal Comparison of Sustainability Learning between Men and Women in Engineering and Nursing Programmes. Sustainability, 9 (8). 10.3390/su9081464 [More information]
Astner, L., Carpenter, A., Lozano, R. & Sammalisto, K. (2018). Utilizing waste to create new port land. Port Technology, 77 (Spring), 118-119. [More information]
Lozano, R., Merrill, M., Lozano, F., Ceulemans, K. & Sammalisto, K. (2018). Bridging aims and delivery of higher education for sustainable development : Using pedagogical approaches to fulfil competences. . [More information]
Sammalisto, K., Lozano, R. & von Haartman, R. (2018). Institutionalising sustainability in HEIs : Experiences from the University of Gävle. . [More information]
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