Lars Bengtsson



Telephone: +46-(0)26-64 88 02

Research areas

My research field concerns production strategies, innovation management and work organisation in industrial companies.

Current research projects:

  • Design of global supply chains in Swedish firms, Dogs
  • Logistics and Innovative production, CLIP
  • Knowledge Integration and Innovation in Transnational Enterprise, KITE
  • Certification of user oriented computer systems, Users Award
  • Continuous Innovation Survey, CINet
  • International Purchasing Survey, IPS.
  • European manufacturing survey, EMS
  • Open innovation survey, OIS

Recent publications

Carlsson, I. & Bengtsson, L. (2019). Developing system supplier capability by integrating knowledge with customers. International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management, 32 (1), 91-109. 10.1504/IJLSM.2019.097075 [More information]
Kaltenbrunner, M., Mathiassen, S., Bengtsson, L. & Engström, M. (2019). Lean maturity and quality in primary care. Journal of Health Organisation & Management, 32 (2), 141-154. 10.1108/JHOM-04-2018-0118 [More information]
Eriksson, D., Hilletofth, P., Svensson, G. & Bengtsson, L. (2018). Exploring opportunities for moral disengagement in codes of conduct from the textile industry. World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research (WRITR), 7 (4), 371-389. 10.1504/WRITR.2018.095280 [More information]
Kaltenbrunner Nykvist, M., Bengtsson, L., Mathiassen, S., Högberg, H. & Engström, M. (2019). Staff perception of Lean, care-giving, thriving and exhaustion : a longitudinal study in primary care. BMC Health Services Research. [Accepted] [More information]
Bengtsson, L., von Haartman, R., Niss, C. & Alieva, J. (2018). Digitalisation of production: The significance of CI capability and teamwork. . [More information]
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