Research areas

My research field concerns production strategies, innovation management and work organisation in industrial companies.

Current research projects:

  • Design of global supply chains in Swedish firms, Dogs
  • Logistics and Innovative production, CLIP
  • Outsourcing manufacturing and innovation capability.
  • Knowledge Integration and Innovation in Transnational Enterprise, KITE
  • Certification of user oriented computer systems, Users Award
  • Continuous Innovation Survey, CINet
  • International Purchasing Survey, IPS.
  • European manufacturing survey, EMS
  • Open innovation survey, OI survey.

Additional research areas

  • Control in team-based and process oriented organisations.
  • Shop-floor oriented and computer based information systems that support production groups to make detailed scheduling, production planning, programming and quality analysis. 
  • Total Quality Management (TQM) and Development of Work. 
  • Work, technology and rationalizations in industrial companies employing CNC-machine tools and CADCAM systems.
  • Internationalization of work, focused on the introduction of Time Based Management (TBM) and TQM in the international corporation ABB. 
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