Research Areas

Currently, Niclas Björsell is involved in two research projects, one within wireless communication for automation systems and one within medical measurement technology.

On going projects

Industrial Automation and Millimeter Waves

The project comprises four work packages, of which Dr. Björsell is responsible for (i) Radio communication in industrial environments and works actively in (ii) Process automation and wireless communication. The others are (iii) Measurement technology for components and (iv) Industrial measuring technology. In the field of Radio Communication in Industrial Environments, measurements in the 24 GHz band are carried out in industrial environments in order to develop channel models, measure the impact of disturbances and study doppler effects from moving objects. Process Automation and Wireless Communication aim to combine wireless communication and control technology. In addition, modeling techniques are used to create digital twins that can be used, for example, to detect a maintenance need.

Instrument for High-Speed Electron Tunneling Measurements

The project aims to develop a measuring instrument to sequence DNA and RNA.

Recently completed projects

Flexible Models for Smart Maintenance

Smart maintenance means that machines themselves identify and possibly carry out a maintenance need. The technology is available in new modern machines, but the need is great in existing plants. The project aims to develop models for smart maintenance of existing older equipment.


This EU project (AAL Call 6: AXO-SUIT project) purpose is to develop an Exo skeleton to assist older persons with reduced mobility. The control of the Exo skeleton should enhance the movement the person intends to perform. Our part of the project has been to develop mathematical models that describe the movements of the shoulder and to detect which movement the user intends to perform.

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