Research presentation

Sandra A. I. Wright

Sandra A. I. Wright, docent i växtpatologi och universitetslektor i biologi.

Research presentation

Sandra A. I. Wright

Associate Professor in Plant Pathology / Senior Lecturer in Biology

Research subject: Biologi

Dr. Wright has conducted research that focuses on understanding how plant diseases can be prevented by promoting and applying microorganisms that are beneficial to plants. The aim is to develop sustainable, future Horticulture and Agriculture. Her research interests include: uncovering the interactions among plant-associated microorganisms, and the study of plant-microbe interactions and of plant diseases in general. Secondary metabolites in microorganisms and plants are effective against competing microorganisms and active in the physiology of plants; determining their biosynthetic and biodegradation pathways has permeated her research. Long, International research and educational collaboration is a natural consequence of her International career, which has led to new contacts and new, basic research results through a prestigious visiting lectureship (so called 'Rientro dei cervelli'), which she was awarded in order to stay at Università degli Studi del Molise in Italy (2006-2010).

See also Dr. Wright's page in ResearchGate.


Biodegradation of phenolic compounds and of monomers of lignin. We are working on uncovering novel biodegradation products, and learning about new biodegradation pathways.


  • Publications

Conference papers

Falk, A., Lindström, S., Mattsson, M. & Wright, S. (2018). Influence of some weather parameters on the susceptibility of apple fruit to postharvest grey mould attack. Proceedings 2018. P. 124-127. External link [More information]
Wright, S. & Rönnander, J. (2018). Novel biodegradation of vanillin by a woodinhabiting isolate of <em>Cystobasidium sp.</em>. Book of abstracts : International Specialized Symposium on Yeasts ISSY 34. P. 114-114. [More information]
Wright, S., Jin, M., Clardy, J. & Beer, S. (2006). The Biosynthetic genes of pantocin A and pantocin B of Pantoea agglomerans Eh318. Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Fire Blight. P. 313-319. [More information]
Wright, S. & Beer, S. (2002). Genes for biosynthesis of pantocin A and B by Pantoea agglomerans Eh318. Proceedings of the 9th international workshop on fire blight. P. 237-241. [More information]
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