Staffan Hygge

Staffan Hygge

Research areas

Staffan Hygge's main research areas include the effects of acute and chronic noise exposure on memory and learning in children and adults. He has been a part of such laboratory studies and field studies in Sweden and internationally.

Research projects

Recent larger and externally funded research projects:

2011-13 Formas - The Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning - The Burden of Noise - Rethinking criteria for acceptable acoustical conditions in the classroom.

2011-13 Vetenskapsrådet - The Swedish Research Council - What is the nature of working memory capacity? Towards answering a fundamental question in cognitive science.

2008-10 AFA Försäkring — AFA Insurance - Noise in open plan offices - Experiments and intervention studies with normal hearing and hearing impaired subjects. Buller i kontorslandskap - Experiment och interventionsstudier med normalhörande och hörselnedsatta personer.

2008-10 Vetenskapsrådet - The Swedish Research Council - The theoretical underpinnings of noise as an impediment to learning and memory for children in school - Den teoretiska grundvalen för buller som ett hinder för inlärning och minne hos skolbarn.

Recent international publications

Jahncke, H., Hygge, S., Halin, N., Green, A.M., Dimberg, K. (2011). Open-plan office noise: Cognitive performance and restoration. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 31, 373-382.

Hygge S (2011) Noise and cognition in children. In: J.O. Nriagu (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Environmental Health, Volume 4, pp. 146—151 Burlington: Elsevier.

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Hygge, S. & Kjellberg, A. (2010). Editorial commentary — Special issue on noise, memory and learning. Noise & Health, 12, 199.

Matheson, M., Clark, C., Martin, R., van Kempen, E., Haines, M., Lopez-Barrio, I, Hygge, S., & Stansfeld, S. (2010). The effects of road traffic and aircraft noise exposure on children´s episodic memory: The RANCH Project. Noise & Health, 12, 244-254.

Stansfeld, S., Hygge, S., Clark, C., & Alfred, T. (2010). Night time aircraft noise and children´s cognitive performance in the Munich and RANCH studies. Noise & Health, 12, 255-262.

Sörqvist, P., Halin, N., & Hygge, S. (2010). Individual differences in susceptibility to the effects of speech on reading comprehension. Applied Cognitive Psychology. 24, 67-76.

Ljung, R., Sörqvist, P., & Hygge, S. (2009). Effects of road traffic noise and irrelevant speech on children´s reading and mathematical performance. Noise & Health, 11, 194-198

Hygge, S. (2007). Noise: Effects on Health. In S. Ayers, A. Baum, C. McManus, S. Newman, K. Wallston, J. Weinman & R. West (Eds.), Cambridge handbook of psychology, health and medicine (2nd ed., pp. 137-141). Cambridge UK: Cambridge University.

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Enmarker, I., Boman, E., & Hygge, S. (2006). Structural equation models of memory performance across noise conditions and age groups. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 47, 449-460.

Boman, E., Enmarker, I., & Hygge, S. (2005). Strength of noise effects on memory as a function of noise source and age. Noise & Health, 7, 11-26.

Stansfeld, S.A., Berglund, B., Clark, C., Lopez-Barrio, I., Fischer, P., Öhrström, E., Haines, M.M., Head, J., Hygge, S., van Kamp, I., & Berry, B.F. (2005). Aircraft and road traffic noise and children´s cognition and health: A cross-national study. Lancet, 365, 1942-1949.

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