Research presentation

Taghi Karimipanah

Research presentation

Taghi Karimipanah

Senior lecturer

Research subject: Energy systems


”InventiAir’s ventilation technique, development and verification of next-generation energy-efficient indoor climate”.

The project is implemented in close collaboration with University of Gävle. A mixed team from InventiAir's and HiG's employees led by Taghi Karimipanah (HiG) and Martin Sellö (President of InventiAir). The project will be conducted in two stages: 1) Testing and verification of mixing ventilation vs InventiAir’s system and products.

2) Implementation of test results to the underlying formulas / algorithms and development of user support for the users of InventiAir’s products.

Research in fluid dynamics with energy saving in the ventilation systems:

I participate in a basic research project to develop alternative methods of air distribution systems which have the advantages of displacement ventilation system but without its drawbacks.

In this research program I am collaborating with Prof. Mats Sandberg, Professor Bahram Moshfegh and Prof. Hazim Awbi (UK). Some of our published journal and conference papers are in this area.

In order to improve the prediction and development in computer simulations, in addition to the researchers mentioned earlier; Ulf Larsson, Mathias Cehlin and I formed a group and work is in full swing .


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