Ulf Larsson

Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development

Email: ulf.larsson@hig.se

Operator: +46 26 64 85 00
Phone: +46 26 64 87 91
Mobile: 070-648 79 23

Current research

Recent publications

Cehlin, M., Karimipanah, T., Larsson, U. & Ameen, A. (2019). Comparing thermal comfort and air quality performance of two active chilled beam systems in an open-plan office. Journal of Building Engineering, 22, 56-65. 10.1016/j.jobe.2018.11.013 [More information]
Ameen, A., Cehlin, M., Larsson, U. & Karimipanah, T. (2019). Experimental Investigation of Ventilation Performance of Different Air Distribution Systems in an Office Environment : Heating Mode. Energies, 12 (10). 10.3390/en12101835 [More information]
Ameen, A., Cehlin, M., Larsson, U. & Karimipanah, T. (2019). Experimental investigation of ventilation performance of different air distribution systems in an office environment – cooling mode. Energies, 12 (7). 10.3390/en12071354 [More information]
Larsson, U. & Moshfegh, B. (2018). Comparison of the thermal comfort and ventilation effectiveness in an office room with three different ventilation supply devices : a measurement study. Proceedings of14th International Conference of Roomvent & Ventilation: Aalto University. S. 187-192. [More information]
Cehlin, M., Larsson, U. & Chen, H. (2018). Numerical investigation of Air Change Effectiveness in an Office Room with Impinging Jet Ventilation. Proceedings of the 4<sup>th</sup> international Conference on Building Energy &amp; Environment. Melbourne: Conference On Building Energy & Environment - COBEE2018, Melbourne Australia. S. 641-646. [More information]
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