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Graduation Ceremony and Dinner for students studying a campus programme at the Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development (ATM)

Are you finishing your studies from one of our campus programmes this summer? The Graduation Day activities are for all students who will finish their studies this summer from the Faculty (ATM). The Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development in collaboration with the student association, Gefleteknologerna are organizing this ceremony for you.

Graduation spring 2015.

Graduation spring 2015. Photographer: Sarah Maple.

Annually last week of the Semester

The Faculty and Gefleteknologerna have since 2015 arranged a ceremony in Valhall and an accompanying dinner for the students who finish their studies during the year. The days are during the same period every year, the last week of the semester (usually week 23).

Future dates for the Ceremony

  • 2023 June 1

Graduation Ceremony in Valhall

During the ceremony the head of the Faculty as well as representatives from the Student Association will have speeches. All students who will finish their programmes during the summer will be presented with a diploma of participation. After or before the ceremony you are invited to mingle outside Valhall with teachers, fellow students and your family. We will provide drinks and snacks. There will also be a photographer on site for those who wish to have pictures taken.

Due to the Faculties size, with many programs, the ceremony will be divided into three groups (between 10.30am– 16.00pm).

Graduation 2017 Lantmätarprogrammet.

Graduation in Valhall spring 2017, Land Surveying programme

Graduation banquet May 25

Gefleteknologerna arranges a dinner at a restaurant in Gävle, it changes from year to year. 2023 the dinner will be at Konserthuset. If you have any question regarding the dinner, please contact: utbildning@gefleteknologerna.se

Registration form

It is soon time for the Graduation Ceremony and banquet. June 1 we will have the ceremony in Valhall at University of Gävle. May 25 you can participate at the Graduation Banquet. The Banquet costs 557 crones per person and you get an, starter, main course and a small dessert. You find all the information about payment in the registration form.

The last day to registrate your participation is April 24.
If you have signed up for the banquet, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and more information from Gefleteknologerna.

Push here to get to the registration form (in Swedish)


Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development
Magnus Lemoine, collaboration coordinator
Mobile: 073-070 89 02
E-mail: magnus.lemoine@hig.se

Maria Modée, department secretary
Mobil: 070-764 67 88
E-mail: maria.modee@hig.se

Gefleteknologerna (Student association)
Head of education
E-mail: utbildning@gefleteknologerna.se

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