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Thesis and Degree Project

Thesis and Degree Project

Find more information about Degree Certificates in the pages from the Division of Educational Support.

Writing Your Thesis at the Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development

Admission to the Degree Project/Thesis Course

A thesis project is a course and is treated as any other course during your studies and should hence be applied to at antagning.se.

When admitted you are required to hand in a separate application form, "Application for Degree Project/Thesis Work" together with a project description (approximately one A4-size page). To prove that you have the qualifications required you are also requested to hand in a study record from LADOK together with the form.


Apart from writing your own thesis, to pass the examinations you are required to:

  1. Attend minimum two other degree project presentations,
  2. Act public opponent (formal student reviewer) for one degree project,
  3. Present your own thesis, orally, in a public dissertation, and
  4. fulfill some other requirement stated in the syllabus for degree projects in your specific field of study.

The parts a. and b. above shall be documented in the form Presentation form for degree project which can be downloaded using the link below. Each instance must be signed by the acting examiner at the presentation you attend. When fulfilled the form shall be handed in to the Faculty Administration Office.

Publish in DiVA - e-Publishing of Your Thesis

Information for students writing a thesis at the faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development.

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