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Thesis - guidelines and templates

Writing Instructions - Step-by-step

  1. Download the Template thesis_template_-_ATM.docx and the Writing Guide thesis_writing_guide_-_ATM.docx
  2. Write your thesis according to given standards (save it as e.g. my_thesis.docx). Follow the instructions in the Writing Guide and eventual instructions given by your supervisor (i.e. instructions applying to your specific field of study)
  3. Get your diploma work/thesis approved by your examiner
  4. Convert your docx-file to my_thesis.pdf
  5. Go to the library webpage, download the appropriate cover page, fill in the text accordingly, and save the coverpage as my_coverpage.pdf
  6. Merge the documents into one and, after receiving the approval from your examiner, publish your thesis in DiVA according to the instructions found at: Publish Your Thesis in DiVA.

Links to Files for Download

Ready to Publish

When you are done, all formalities are fulfilled and your thesis has been approved:

Other Templates Relevant for Your Thesis

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