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Psychology is the science of behaviour and mental processes in people. Important issues are how we think, feel and react, how we perceive our surroundings, how we affect and are affected by others and how we develop during our life cycle. These issues are covered in similar basic courses in psychology worldwide. Special emphasis is placed on laboratory work in which experimental methods are trained. Much of the literature is in English.

Human Resources and Labour Relations Programme, 180 cr

In order for an operation to be successful, the vision of the management and the prerequisites of the co-workers need to be balanced. At the Human Resources and Labour Relations Programme you will receive the requisite knowledge for helping companies and organizations achieving the right balance.

Courses in General Psychology

For those who want a solid foundation in the subject of psychology, the recommended course is General Psychology I A, 30 ECTS and General Psychology II  B, 30 ECTS, which together provide eligibility to write a thesis in psychology (Psychological methods and dissertation C, 30 ECTS).




Research, researchers och PhD Students


Head of subject
Katrin Lättman, senior lecturer
026-64 87 08

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