Sports Science

Lifestyle, living environment and health

Regular physical activity has significant impact on individual health - this is well known! Early positive experiences of physical activity and sport are important for the inclination to be physically active in later life. Children and young people´s exercise habits not only affect their health in the present, but also their future health and well-being.

Sports and health is a broad, interdisciplinary field that focuses on links between lifestyle, living environment and health among other factors.


You can read programme courses and stand-alone courses in the subject of Sports and health.

In the teacher training programme you can study to become a sports teacher for younger or older pupils. As student teachers, you also have the opportunity to study specialization courses in sport, physical activity and movement.

Our stand-alone courses cover areas such as outdoor recreation, outdoor education, applied leadership and adapted physical activity.


Head of Subject

Sven Blomqvist

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