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At the Faculty of Health and Occupational Studies, we offer many exciting programmes in which interest in people is the focus. The programmes are closely linked with current society and the behaviour, needs and interests of people today.

For you as a student, this area of education presents ever new challenges and you who are studying to become a professional in health care, social work, and working life will expand and renew your knowledge over time.

Studying for a varied labour market

The labour market for those who have studied at our faculty is varied and there are many choices of profession. Knowledge of how we can stay healthy, heal the sick and enjoy our working life and life in general will always be in demand, and when you have these skills you can seek employment in the public or private sector, abroad or in Sweden.

For you who are open and flexible

To enjoy this field of study it is best if you, besides being interested in people, are also flexible and open - two important qualities for meeting new people, situations and problems in the best way. Many people are also stimulated by working with groups in the workplace, who aim at achieving results based on established goals.

Programme or freestanding course - the choice is yours

Our programmes lead to work as health promoter, HR specialist, nurse, specialist nurse or social worker. We also offer a wide selection of courses for lifelong learning.


Apply for Courses and programs on www.antagning.se.


Programme directors
The programme directors are responsible for the programmes, freestanding courses and contract education.
List of programme directors

For questions about programs and courses

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