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Programme directors

Programme directors are responsible for programmes, freestanding courses and contract education within a disciplinary domain. It is their responsibility to plan, prepare, distribute and order courses in programmes, to develop new courses and to produce information material as well as to inform students about programmes and courses.

Bachelor programme in Health Promotion through sustainable development 180 hp
Anna-Karin Enhol Näslund, anna-karin.enhol.naslund@hig.se

Sport Science 180 hp
Lena Svennberg, lena.svennberg@hig.se, 026-64 84 17

Bachelor of Science in Social Work -Specialization International Social Work 180 hp
Catharina Löf, catharina.lof@hig.se

Study Program in Applied Criminology 180 hp
Assistant Programme Director Kivanc Atak, kivanc.atak@hig.se , 026-64 81 98

Master Programme in Health at work 120 hp
Marina Heiden, marina.heiden@hig.se, 026-64 85 44

Master Programme in Social Work 120 hp
Åsa Vidman, asa.vidman@hig.se, 026-64 88 34

Human Resources and Labour Relations Programme 180 hp
Linda Langeborg, linda.langeborg@hig.se , 026-64 84 59

Study Programme in Nursing 180 hp
Marit Silén, marit.silen@hig.se , 070-713 89 12

Specialist Nursing Programme
Annica Björkman, annica.bjorkman@hig.se, 026-64 84 04

Study Programme in Social Work 210 hp
Åsa Vidman, asa.vidman@hig.se026-64 88 34

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