Research at the Faculty

The right to award third-cycle qualifications in Health-Promoting Working Life has its base in the Faculty of Health and Occupational Studies. This means that research at the faculty, within subjects and between subjects, is gradually evolving to include different aspects of health-promoting working life. Here you will find a presentation of research and researchers at the faculty, listed by research subject.

Caring science


Andersson, Benita, senior lecturer
Björkman, Annica, senior lecturer, docent
Björklund, Ove, senior lecturer
Bylund Grenklo, Tove, senior lecturer
Efverman, Anna, senior lecturer, docent
Engström, Maria, professor
Enmarker, Ingela, professor
Eriksson, Elisabet, senior lecturer
Hedborg, Kerstin, senior lecturer
Hedman, Maria, senior lecturer
Hofsten, Anna, senior lecturer
Häggström, Elisabeth, senior lecturer, docent
Jordal, Malin, senior lecturer
Knudsen, Kati, senior lecturer
Kristofferzon, Marja-Leena, senior lecturer, docent
Lindberg, Magnus, senior lecturer, docent
Lindberg, Maria, senior lecturer
Mårtensson Gunilla, docent
Nilsson, Annika, senior lecturer, docent
Olerud, Johan, senior lecturer
Olsson, Annakarin, senior lecturer
Porskrog Kristiansen, Lisbeth, professor
Pålsson, Ylva, senior lecturer
Randmaa, Maria, senior lecturer
Rubaiy, Hussein, senior lecturer
Salzmann-Eriksson, Martin, senior lecturer, docent
Silén, Marit, senior lecturer
Sjöholm, Åke, professor
Sjölund, Britt-Marie, senior lecturer
Skytt, Bernice, senior lecturer, docent
Stake-Nilsson, Kerstin, senior lecturer
Westerberg Jacobson, Josefin, senior lecturer
Willmer, Mikaela, senior lecturer, docent
Östlund, Ann-Sofi, senior lecturer

Associerade forskare

Carlsson, Marianne, professor
Högberg, Hans
Kaltenbrunner, Monica
Löfmark, Anna, docent
Mamhidir Anna-Greta, docent
Thunander Sundbom, Lena
Tillberg Matsson, Karin



Jerre, Kristina, senior lecturer
Mondani, Hernan, senior lecturer
Rostami, Amir, senior lecturer
Sarnecki, Jerzy, professor
Westfelt, Lars, senior lecturer
Wikman, Sofia, senior lecturer, docent

Occupational Health Science

Research projects

Aboagye, Emmanuel, researcher
B Januario, Leticia, post doctor
Bergsten, Eva, senior lecturer
Bergström, Gunnar, professor
Björklund, Martin, researcher
Djupsjöbacka, Mats, researcher
Hallman, David, senior lecturer
Heiden, Marina, senior lecturer
Hellström, Fredrik, docent
Jackson, Jennie, researcher
Januario, Leticia, researcher
Johansson, Elin, post doctor
Kaltenbrunner Nykvist, Monica,
Lyskov, Eugene, researcher
Mathiassen, Svend Erik, professor
Rashid, Mamunur, senior lecturer
Rezagholi, Mahmoud, senior lecturer
Richter, Hans, professor
Rudolfsson, Thomas, senior lecturer
Svensson, Sven, senior lecturer
Vidman, Åsa, senior lecturer
Wiitavaara, Birgitta, senior lecturer
Zetterberg, Camilla, senior lecturer

Doctoral students



Boman, Eva, senior lecturer
Eriksson, Mårten, professor
Halin, Niklas, senior lecturer
Jakobsson, Marianne, senior lecturer
Knez, Igor, professor
Kusterer, Hanna, senior lecturer
Lättman, Katrin, senior lecturer
Willander, Johan, senior lecturer

Doctoral students

Public Health Science


Hiswåls, Anne-Sofie, senior lecturer
Macassa, Gloria, professor
Mixter, Susanna, senior lecturer
Wulff Hamrin, Cornelia, senior lecturer

Doctoral students

Sport Science



Blomqvist, Sven, senior lecturer
Jerlinder, Kajsa, senior lecturer
Svennberg, Lena, senior lecturer
Qvarfordt, Anna, senior lecturer


Research directors

Occupational Health Sciences, Public Health Science

Svend Erik Mathiassen, professor
+46 26-64 82 06, +46 70-678 81 58

Health and Caring Sciences

Maria Engström, professor
+46 26-64 82 15

Psychology, Social Work

Yvonne Sjöblom, professor
+46 26-64 82 54

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