Research presentation

Helena Jahncke

Research presentation

Helena Jahncke

Associate professor

Research subject: Arbetshälsovetenskap


  • Work-life balance and a sustainable use of communication technologies: which methods and strategies are effective in promoting recovery for employees?
  • Switching from cell- and open plan offices to an activity based office: effects on sedentary behavior, concentration and health.
  • Test the effects of alternating physical and cognitive workload on performance, fatigue and recovery.
  • Specifying which cognitive functions become fatigued during prolonged work, and which activities and environmental factors promote restoration of these functions.


Scholarly articles, refereed

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Scholarly articles, non-refereed

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Other articles (popular science, debate etc.)

Jahncke, H. & Keus van de Poll, M. (2019). Viktiga frågor glöms bort i debatten om kontorslandskap. Göteborgs-Posten (18-sep). [More information]
Hygge, S., Kjellberg, A., Sörqvist, P., Ljung, R. & Jahncke, H. (2012). Dålig akustik i klassrum ger sämre inlärning. Vi hörs, 2, 11-13. [More information]
Hygge, S., Jahncke, H., Ljung, R. & Sörqvist, P. (2011). Ökat brus i klassrum ger sämre inlärning hos elev. Husbyggaren (7), 34-35. External link [More information]
Jahncke, H. & Hygge, S. (2010). Buller i öppna kontorslandskap. Audionytt, 3, 16-18. [More information]
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