Research presentation

Martin Björklund

Research presentation

Martin Björklund

Researcher, associate professor of physiotherapy

Research subject: Arbetshälsovetenskap

Registered Physical Therapist 1986
Ph.D. in Sports Medicine 2004
Associate Professor, Physiotherapy, Faculty of Medicine, Umeå university, 2012


  • Reliability and validity of a new questionnaire for symptoms and functional limitations in subjects with neck pain
  • The effect of neck coordination training on sensorimotor function, symptoms and self-rated health and functioning for non-specific neck-shoulder pain
  • Rehabilitation of people with neck pain. Effects of individualized treatment based on prognostic indicators and tests of functioning
  • Range of movement


Doctoral thesis

Björklund, M. (2004). Effects of Repetitive Work on Proprioception and of Stretching on Sensory Mechanisms : Implications for Work-related Neuromuscular Disorders. Diss. , 2004Arbetslivsinstitutets tryckeri, Umeå. (Umeå University Medical Dissertations 877) [More information]

Book chapters

Björklund, M. (2014). The ProFitMap-neck questionnaire.. Neck pain : new perspectives : 14th Physiatric Summer School : 15.-16.08.2013, Helsinki. Helsinki: Rehabilitation Orton, Invalid Foundation. P. 61-68. [More information]
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