Research presentation

Helena Jahncke

Research presentation

Helena Jahncke

Associate professor

Research subject: Occupational Health Sciences


  • Work-life balance and a sustainable use of communication technologies: which methods and strategies are effective in promoting recovery for employees?
  • Switching from cell- and open plan offices to an activity based office: effects on sedentary behavior, concentration and health.
  • Test the effects of alternating physical and cognitive workload on performance, fatigue and recovery.
  • Specifying which cognitive functions become fatigued during prolonged work, and which activities and environmental factors promote restoration of these functions.


Current position

Assistant Professor, Centre for Musculoskeletal Research, Faculty of Health and Occupational Studies, University of Gävle, 2016 -


Doctor of Philosophy, Luleå University of Technology, 2012.
Master of Social Science in Psychology, Uppsala University, 2007.

Other work experiences

Post Doc, Centre for Musculoskeletal Research, Faculty of Health and Occupational Studies, University of Gävle, 2013 - 2016
Guest researcher at Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP), Stuttgart, April-May 2010


to a promising PhD student - 2012 (Sandvik AB)
the IAAP best paper award - 2011 (International Association of Applied Psychology)


Swedish Transport Administration

(2015) Activity based offices
(2016) Flexible work, 4 million (STA), 2 million (University of Gävle)
(2016) Restoration in sceduled work

The European Network on Noise & Health project (ENNAH):

(2011) for collaboration work with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Turku, Finland.
(2010) for visiting Fraunhofer Institut for Building Physics, Stuttgart, Germany, as a guest researcher.

Invited referee assignments for the following journals

Journal of Environmental Psychology (JEP)
Noise Control Engineering Journal (NCEJ)

Membership in professional associations

International Association of Applied Psychology
Swedish Area Group in Environmental Psychology

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