Fereshteh Ahmadi

Fereshteh Ahmadi

Professor of sociology, 2009
I concluded my Ph.D in sociology at Uppsala University in 1995
I became associate professor in 2001 at the same university

E-mail: faw@hig.se

Operator: 026-64 85 00,
Phone: 026-64 82 70
Mobile: 070-717 1907

Present research

  • An international project on meaning-makning coping
  • Culture and Coping
  • Music and coping

Previous research

Latest publications

Ahmadi, F., Ristiniemi, J., Linblad, I. & Schiller, L. (2019). Perceptions of death among children in Sweden. International Journal of Children's Spirituality. 10.1080/1364436X.2019.1672627 [More information]
Ahmadi, F., Mohamed Hussin, N. & Mohammad, M. (2019). Religion, Culture and Meaning-Making Coping : A Study Among Cancer Patients in Malaysia. Journal of religion and health, 58 (6), 1909-1924. 10.1007/s10943-018-0636-9 [More information]
Ahmadi, F., Erbil, P., Ahmadi, N. & Cetrez, Ö. (2019). Religion, Culture and Meaning-Making Coping : A Study Among Cancer Patients in Turkey. Journal of religion and health, 58 (4), 1115-1124. 10.1007/s10943-018-0646-7 [More information]
Ahmadi, F. & Rabbani, M. (2019). Religious Coping Methods among Cancer Patients in Three Islamic Countries : A Comparative Perspective. International Journal of Social Science Studies, 7 (5), 72-82. 10.11114/ijsss.v7i5.4417 [More information]
Ahmadi, N., Ahmadi, F., Erbil, P. & Cetrez, Ö. (2019). Religious meaning-making coping in Turkey : a study among cancer patients. Illness, crisis and loss, 27 (3), 190-208. 10.1177/1054137316672042 [More information]
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