Stefan Sjöberg

PhD in Sociology
Senior Lecturer in Sociology with direction Social Work
Department of Social Work and Criminology


Operator: 026-64 85 00
Direct: +46 (0)26-64 81 90

Current research

  • Community work in Nordic welfare states in transition
  • Social exclusion and change; resident´s views on problems and opportunities in socially vulnerable neighbourhoods
  • The transformation of the Swedish welfare model in context of a deregulated accumulation regime
  • Upcycling incubators for ecosocial sustainable development

Research interest

  • Social exclusion and community work in marginalized neighbourhoods
  • Social policy and the transformation of the Swedish welfare model
  • Concentration of capital and wealth and economic democracy for sustainable development
  • Ecosocial work

Latest publications

Rambaree, K. & Sjöberg, S. (2019). Companion animals in health-promoting work-life. Society and Animals. 10.1163/15685306-12341504 [More information]
Rambaree, K., Sjöberg, S. & Turunen, P. (2019). Ecosocial change and community resilience: the case of “Bönan” in glocal transition. Journal of Community Practice. 10.1080/10705422.2019.1658005 [More information]
Aslan, P., Ahmadi, N., Sjöberg, S. & Wikström, E. (2019). What Works? Family Influences on Occupational Aspirations among Descendants of Middle Eastern Immigrants on the Swedish Labour Market. Nordic Journal of Social Research, 9, 134-160. 10.7577/njsr.2235 [More information]
Sjöberg, S., Többe-Schukalla, M., Singh, S. & Martinss, K. (2018). Community work in Germany and Sweden in context of changing welfare models. International Social Work, 61 (4), 553-570. 10.1177/0020872816666622 [More information]
Rambaree, K. & Sjöberg, S. (2018). Empowermentarbete i marginaliserade bostadsområden i Indien och Sverige. Samhällsarbete : aktörer, arenor och perspektiv. Lund: Studentlitteratur AB. S. 343-362. [More information]
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