Conferense papers

Rambaree, K. & Sjöberg, S. (2016). Companion Animals in Occupational Social Work. . [Mer information]
Sjöberg, S. (2012). Collective empowerment and social mobilization : a comparative analysis of experiences from social work in Mumbai and Stockholm. . [Mer information]
Sjöberg, S. (2004). Collective capital formation in wage earner hands as a strategy for economic democracy. . [Mer information]
Sjöberg, S. (2003). Collective fund building as a strategy for economic democracy : experiences from the wage-earner funds struggle. . [Mer information]
Sjöberg, S. (2003). The Swedish experience : the decline of the "People´s home". . [Mer information]
Sjöberg, S. (2001). Löntagarfondsfrågan : en hegemonisk vändpunkt i den svenska efterkrigshistorien. . [Mer information]
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