Research presentation

Sven Trygged

Research presentation

Sven Trygged


Research subject: Social Work

Sven Trygged is a professor in social work at University of Gävle. His research relates to vulnerable positions on the labour market, to social consequences of poor health and exposure to violence, and to international social work. He has written several textbooks. His forthcoming research will focus on employees in elderly care related to privatization of public services.


Class, violence and death – a follow-up study of young men exposed to violence

A register based study. Other participants: My Lilja, HiG, Ingemar Kåreholt (Aging Research Center and Jönköping University), and Ebba Hedlund (National Board of Health and Welfare)

School children in special education (as part of the HiG focus project Include)

Based on questionnaires. Other participant: Stig Elofsson

Reported in Swedish language only. Trygged, S & Elofsson, S (2018) Skolerfarenheter och självskattad hälsa bland elever I särskolan [School experiences and self-rated health among pupils in special education] FoU-rapport No. 48. University of Gävle

Family policy in practice

Study based on interviews with low income households with children. The study is part of an international comparative project including Germany, Poland, Finland and Sweden. Other participants (in the Swedish study): Marie Löhman, HiG. Students participate as interviewers.

Interprofessional learning

Focus group interviews with students from the nursing-, education- and social work programmes at University of Gävle. A pilot study on how students with different educational backgrounds reflect in homogenous and mixed groups about a young person in need of support from many different professional groups. (Hopefully this could prepare students to understand and make use of different competencies in order to support vulnerable clients/patients with multiple difficulties in their future professional life).

Book project

Trygged, S & Righard E (2019) Inequalities and migration – challenges for the Swedish welfare state. Lund: Studentlitteratur.

Textbook with international perspectives on the Swedish welfare state. Researchers from a number of universities participate in this anthology. Co-editor: Erica Righard, Malmö University


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