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Research presentation

Magnus Lindberg

Research presentation

Magnus Lindberg

Senior Lecturer

Research subject: Caring Science

I am a registered nurse with specialized training (second cycle) in renal care. I have 25 years of clinical experience as a nurse in nephrology, primarily in haemodialysis treatment and on the ward, but also to some extent in transplantation and peritoneal dialysis units. I earned my doctoral degree in 2010 at Uppsala University and became an Associate professor in nursing science at the University of Gävle in 2017. Up to the present day, my main focus has been on research in renal nursing, infection prevention, and methodology development. Since 2022, I have been responsible for the doctoral program in nursin science at the University of Gävle.


I teach at the undergraduate, anvanced, and doctoral levels, primarily in scientific methodology. Additionally, I supervise master´s students and doctoral candidates pursuing research studies.

I am open to PhD applications in Caring Science.


My current research is divided between the research groups "INKluderande Arbetsliv (INKA)" and "Att Leva med Långvarig Ohälsa". One doctoral project focuses on the conditions of sustainable work life for managers and how employees assess job satisfaction after changes in first-line managers´ control span. Another doctoral project examines treatment effects on emesis, quality of life, and work capacity, as well as how healthcare staff´s communication and treatment expectations contribute to health-promoting satisfaction. In a third doctoral project, factors affecting older individuals´ opportunities for extended work life are investigated, along with the potential implications of extended work life on well-being and health.

I lead clinical research aimed at optimizing health for individuals with chronic medical conditions, mainly those in need of haemodialysis treatment. I am also involved in research on infection prevention in healthcare and mental health of university students. In addition to the aforementioned, I work on psychometrics, which involves developing, modifying, translating and validating instruments and assessments scales based on classical test theory.


Subject responsible for the doctoral program in nursing science
Substitute member in the Research Ethics Council
Member of Njurfonden (the Kidney Foundation) evaluation group
Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Renal Care


Research Programs:

  • Patient Safety, Quality, and Nursing in Dialysis Care
  • Fundamentals of Care

Research Projects:

  • Infection Prevention
  • Acupuncture for Neurotoxic Side Effects of Cytostatic Treatment: Symptoms, Neuological Funtion, Activity, and Quality of Life

Doctoral Projects:

  • Managers´ Conditions for a Sustainable Work Life
  • The Significance of Non-Specific Treatment Factors in Patient Outcomes for Emesis, Quality of Life, and Work Capacity in Cancer Care
  • Factors Promoting Older Adults´ Inclusion in the Workforce
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